The goal of Upton Studios LLC is to preserve the past, in order to enrich the future . We strive to preserve and protect the knowledge afforded to ourselves, and to future generations through the documentation and preservation of the original finishes and technology .

  • We are not a refinishing company. We do not disturb
    the finishes of artifacts purely for the sake of aesthetics.

  • We conserve and document original finishes where possible.

  • We stabilize metals from the effects of active corrosion and
    seal them against further damage.

  • We recover finishes which have disappeared down into the surface of the metal after years of neglect.

  • We restore the appearance of the original finishes of ornamental
    artifacts, to regenerate the ambiance of a given period.

  • When an object's form is as important as it's function,
    much of it's historic value is found in it's appearance.

Vivian Diane Upton - Hagan
Owner and Conservator
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