www.aladdinknights.org - Aladdin Knights is the largest lighting organization in the world. While their primary interest is incandescent kerosene, members are known to often chase earlier lamps.

www.gaslights.org - The internet home of Dan Mattausch, author, lecturer andthe leading U.S.authority on gas lights and lighting. The site is embryonic, but links to his article on the first American gaslights.

www.eganbronze.com - Frank Egan, an extraordinary artist and designer of bronze lamps Frank is unsurpassed in his skill and workmanship.

www.ebay.com - We all know and love it (or hate it)! A frequent source of early lighting devices and early lighting accessories.

www.rushlight.org - The great-grandfather of all lighting organizations (established in 1932). Rushlight is comprised of serious lighting collectors and students of antique lighting technologies. They publish a magazine, The Rushlight, which contains articles on lighting research.

www.collectics.com/directory.html - An Antiques, Collectibles, and Crafts Collecting Directory Links & Online Collector Resources Portal

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